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Seisia Fishing Club

Contact : Arthur and Morva Wong
Phone : (07) 4083 0275
Address : Mugai Street, Seisia, QLD 4876
Website : and
Trading Hours : Friday 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Saturday 3.30pm - 10.00pm
Wednesday 6.00pm - 10.00pm

The Seisia Fishing Association became incorporated in May 2001.

The incorporation mainly became due to the concerns over public liability issues as previous annual competition was held as a fund raising venture on behalf of the Ambulance Service and Coast Guard.

The first annual fishing competition was held in 1989 and as with all country fundraising events it was more a community social gathering and fund raising as by product.

The competition continued throughout the nineties with different organisers and different recipient of funds raised. Venues for the competition and other fund raising activities included the Campground and wharf shed or any vacant area that was suitable.

Concerns were raised in the late 90’s as to the public liability issues, a meeting held in 1999 elected a committee to investigate the incorporation of the body, as the future of holding annual event appeared bleak. Issues were also raised in relation to Fisheries regulation re holding of the competition.

In 2001 after incorporation, the Seisia Council was than in the process of construction an ablution block near the sports field. A meeting was held with the Council to put a proposal through that if further funding could be obtained than a clubhouse incorporating ablution block could be constructed.

Funding was eventually obtained and the clubhouse eventually opened in March 2004.

The Seisia Fishing Association began operation in earnest in July of 2004 with the first order on credit as funds than were non existent. Since the beginning of trading in July the Fishing Club has not looked back. The club has raised sufficient funds to fit out the club and still continue to complete its social obligations such as donations to the Flying Doctor and local institutions. The Association has also raised sufficient funds to assist community members in difficulties, such as assisting travel for families whose child may require specialist care in a capital city. It has assisted a member in the replacement of vital equipment. In recent years it has assisted in donating a phonic ear to the school. The equipment assists children to listen to the teacher ny means of voice amplification. Profits gained has also been used to extend the club house by extending an undercover veranda.

The objectives of the Association are the enjoyment, promotional, protection and recreational aspects of fishing as a sport. To educate members to protect and manage the environment and fisheries stock for the future. A secondary objective is to raise sufficient fund to assist the community in advancing the children of the community in whatever they may excel in.

The Committee of William Fulton, (President) Patricia Kutchie Nona, (Vice president) Morva Wong (Secretary) Arthur Wong (Treasurer) plus other committee members and dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the club.

The Club's main opening night is a Friday night with either band or karaoke. Wednesday night is normally exercise/fitness nights and Saturday afternoons, markets and or bocce being played. Patronage including tourists has at times been over 100 persons on events nights with Beer and Burgers the cheapest in the NPA.

Fishing competitions for members are held on the last weekend of each month with points awarded towards the Annual competition. An internal monthly competition among nominated anglers ($5.00 – nomination fee per month) at the same time is held with all fish weights going into a draw for prizes around $75.00. Categories are as per leader board with boat and wharf categories – So you do not need a boat. An invitational competition open to the public is to be held the weekend to be determined.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month. All members are invited and we welcome ideas and perhaps constructive criticism from members.

All work (BBQ – Bar) are staffed by volunteers. If you wish to be a participant, please advise one of the executives. Volunteer work is rewarding as you may meet different people, learn something new and get to have the feel good feeling of participating. At the moment you may only work one Friday in four to six weeks.

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